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Embrace Winter Wellness


Winter is traditionally the season to rest, recuperate and practice self-care. It is an excellent time to take a step back, invest in yourself and look to ways to nourish your body and soul. Denese Brookes, owner of The Healthy Guru, said that at this time of year people are looking to products and practices that nourish and keep them warm, as well as uplifted and feeling good through the colder days and nights. Denese recommends trying to get out and about, and do some sort of exercise everyday to stay healthy and happy.
“Winter generally makes us feel like curling up on the couch and hibernating, however one of the most important things we can do is to stay active during the colder months,” explained Denese. “It is a great way to shake off feelings of sluggishness – it is also a good way to help keep our immune systems active.” She said that it is important to keep moving to ensure blood flow circulates well and to promote joint care.
Warming foods help nourish you from the inside and bone broths are a fantastic way to boost immunity and gut health. There are a number of simple ways to incorporate the goodness of bone broth mixtures into our winter diets, but one of the easiest is to include them as a base in slow cooked recipes and soups.
Herbal teas are also a lovely way to warm up from the inside while also boosting immunity and general wellbeing. The Healthy Guru has a huge range of herbal teas that can be enjoyed as a single bag in an uplifting cuppa or as a loose tea mixture brewed up in a teapot. For an extra boost, Denese also recommends vitamin C rich foods and supplements at this time of year.
Self-care is vitally important during the winter months, even something as simple as taking time out to soak in a hot magnesium bath once a week can make the world of difference. “Burning essential oils or using a diffuser can also help uplift your senses and your environment, and provide an additional sense of wellbeing,” said Denese.
Skin care is also important during the winter months as the colder weather can really dry out the skin. The Healthy Guru stocks a variety of beautiful natural creams and oils to suit all skin types, catering for all budgets. In winter skin can get dry, itchy and patchy so a soothing skin product can really nourish your skin beautifully.
Let our friendly team of holistic health practitioners at The Healthy Guru help you embrace winter wellness