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Emily's Insights - Decision Making

Decision Making


3 Tips to Making Decisions that will have you moving forward in life!

Tip No. 1 - Pause

Daily we make hundreds of decisions ranging from life changing to lunch. None of these need to be made instantly. Pause – Take a Breath – Say, “Let me think about that for a moment”. In this busy paced life we forget to take control of each moment and to allow ourselves time to consider our options. This requires practise, as often as you can catch the moment before you make a decision - Pause – Take a Breath – Say, “Let me think about that for a moment”.

Tip No. 2 – Heavy or Light

So you’ve decided! Now before you commit to this decision take a moment to feel how this decision sits with you, heavy or light. Louise Hay talked about the should and the could. Is your decision based on a should? If it is chances are it also has a bit of weight to it. “I SHOULD do the laundry before I go out.” A ‘should’ gives a statement pressure and invokes feelings of resentment, expectation and overwhelm. “I COULD do the laundry before I go out.” A ‘could’ statement allows feelings of choice and control. Checking in to see how the decision feels will help you define the motive behind it and then enhance your commitment to it.

Tip No. 3 – Alignment

Now, just before you confirm your decision ask yourself, “Is this decision in alignment with my values and goals?”

Scenario – You are standing in front of the fridge. You’ve just seen there is chocolate in the fridge. You have closed the door and taken a breath to give yourself time to make a decision instead of acting completely on impulse. Your brain is repeating, “You SHOULD NOT eat the chocolate!” Next you try rephrasing this statement as a ‘Could’. “I COULD eat the chocolate.” So now you feel like you are quite entitled to eat the chocolate and not feel guilty, which is correct, you could. This is when I want you to consider your values and goals. Are you trying to lose weight? Are you diabetic? Does the chocolate belong to you? Is the decision to eat the chocolate in alignment with you?

Aligning our decisions with where we desire to head is empowering, encouraging and fuelled with positive intention!