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Emily's Insights -Kinesiology



As we embark on a new year and a new decade it gives us an opportunity to observe our actions and reactions. I invite you to take a minute to consider how life is flowing for you in this moment and if the answer is rocky, slowly or stagnant then Kinesiology may be the answer.


Kinesiology is a tool that allows us to access the ‘need’ in you that requires some support. Together we can unravel your non-flow and discover exactly the cause. Don’t spend time trying to figure out what’s going on using logic or your feeling mind, because if that worked none of us would have any problems. Kinesiology connects us to the subconscious mind where we find the causes not the symptoms or feelings.

Stress, trauma and events in our lives get trapped in our energy system and cause blockages that stop the natural rhythm and flow of our bodies which in turn and time give us symptoms of all descriptions, from anxiety to diarrhea, from tears to rages. Using this ‘Kinesiology’ tool we get direct access to the root cause without the need for any painful regurgitation of past hurts and we can process the stuck energy and get you flowing again.

Let’s make 2020 your year of freedom, transition and intuition.