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Emily's Insights - My Journey

This month Empowering You Kinesiology is focusing on My Journey



My Journey


We’ve all heard the philosophy of life is not about the destination but the journey. I’ve recently had a journey with illness and injury and was unable to drive for 8 weeks. So for this entire period I relied on mostly my sister and my daughter to drive me around to appointments and everywhere else. Being a Mum of 3 teenage children I have been Taxi Mum for nearly 20 years and this opportunity to be passenger for an extended period of time allowed me to change my perspective.

I’m back in the driver’s seat again and back to my old normal commute. I have a 45min commute to work and with kids sports and other commitments at different times of the year, I often don’t get home until after 7pm. My commute includes 2 mountain ranges, passing through 2 towns, dropping kids to school and often animal encounters. Most of the time I’m rushing and frustrated with tourists driving slowly or trucks that have to crawl up the steep hills and I’m muttering away to myself, “Of course there’s a truck today! I’m so late!”

What I’m not telling you is my commute is from a beautiful secluded quiet country town where I live, up the range to Maleny a town known all over the Sunshine Coast for its spectacular views of the entire coastline to the east and the magnificent Glass House Mountains to the west! My commute is often slowed by people who are taking the time to look at these views and appreciate the beauty of this particular part of the world.

I’ve been considering this over the last few weeks as I continue to recover and on more than one occasion have stopped on my way and taken pictures of what I get to see everyday. I don’t have to sit on a highway stuck in bumper to bumper traffic and then fight for a park to get to my job. I get to check how bumpy the surf is and see the peaks of mountains just jutting out the top of cloud filled valleys.

I’ve changed my perspective to one of gratitude for the commute I have to work. I might drive for the same time as some city folk and I definitely drive more kilometres than most of them but my experience is clear fresh air, spectacular views and plenty of peaceful meditation time. My drive is one many tourists from all over the country make just see what I zoom past everyday.

My goal now is not to just arrive at work on time but to arrive having appreciated a little piece of creation on the way that is quite awe inspiring!