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Emily's Insights - Tolerance


This month Empowering You Kinesiology is focusing on Tolerance.

These are usual times and we are all being pushed and pulled in new directions. I have heard and read many different perspectives about what is happening in the world at the moment from how Governments are handling the situation to how our kids will be affected by the social distancing restrictions to where this virus began. I by no means claim to have any answers but the one thing I have learnt is that we need to be tolerant of each and every person's experience and opinion.

Some people are very at ease with what’s happening and not fearful of the virus repercussions where others are having severe anxiety about the whole situation while still others are being very cautious for their own safety or the sake of others they love who have compromised immune systems. Whatever your situation, be tolerant and accepting of every person’s right to respond to these unprecedented circumstances as they please within the rules set out.

We have all been given restrictions and these are clearly “for the most part” set out and then we’ve also been advised of other possible precautions that people can employ as they see fit. This is the area where I have seen the most upset. People trying to enforce their desired precautions as governed ruling and demanding that others follow their opinion.

This is not a new problem! For as long as there have been people there have been differing opinions which brings me to my topic for this month - Tolerance.

Definition of tolerance

1: capacity to endure pain or hardship

2a: sympathy or indulgence for beliefs or practices differing from or conflicting with one's own

b: the act of allowing something

Simply - Live and let live

We each have a role to play on this earth and no one else can tell us what that role is or how to play it out. Kinesiology has taught me this in a very intriguing way. Clients present to me with many different issues. Many of these issues are similar but the root cause is never the same. I must approach each client with a new frame of mind prepared for a completely new experience. My own personal experiences, opinions and beliefs remain at the door of my clinic room and I become completely present for my client. Tolerance is a part of every session and must be observed to truly assist someone with THEIR healing journey.

My prayer for all in these current times is that we may find tolerance in our hearts to accept all people as they are and remind ourselves daily that our opinions are there to guide our decisions and our journey.