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Empowering You Kinesiology - Mind

This Month Empowering You Kinesiology is focusing on Mind

Your mind is not your brain!

Your brain is an organ that controls functions of your body.

Your mind is the space between your cells. That is the best definition that I’ve ever come across.


We do a lot of thinking but when you break it down a thought is just a bunch of words floating through our head. Those words have no effect or power until we attach an emotion to them. We always have the choice to just let those words float on by. Observe them and watch them go. Instead though on a lot of occasions we had emotions:

  • We add fear to the words – “I think I heard thunder”
  • We add anxiety to the words – “That person is looking at me”
  • We add anger to the words – “That car just cut in front of me”
  • We add compassion to the words – “That child sitting alone looks sad”
  • We add judgment to the words – “That 2yr old is throwing a tantrum”

See how easily all of words could have easily just passed through our head observed and released not upsetting our day in the slightest but instead we’ve attached an emotion to them and now the same words have impacted us, possibly changed our emotional status for the entire day.

I invite you to observe this inner dialogue a little more. We are incredibly and efficiently made beings and once an emotion has been attached to a statement next time the statement comes up our brain goes oh I’ve heard those words before they belong with this emotion.

The trouble is in the experience when you attached fear to “I think I heard thunder” you were out in the middle of a lake in a kayak is not taken into consideration. Next time you might be sipping a cup of tea at home in your ugg boots but your brain is a system of triggers and levers.

So, to take back our control of this process we engage to mind. We access our mind by taking a few deep breaths and asking our body, How are you feeling? Does this match the circumstances I am in? Do I want to change it in some way?

Our mind becomes our control centre so we need to feed, nurture and support our mind to be discerning through positive and empowering input.

  • -Reading books
  • -Praying
  • -Meditating
  • -Sitting in nature
  • -Singing or listening to music
  • -Grounding our body to the earth’s magnetic field

Doing whatever makes you feel connected to that small voice inside that holds your innate and infinite wisdom