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How's your Balance today?

How's your Balance today?

with Kay Cheree

Your balance can relate to the physical, mental or spiritual body. Physically you may feel out of sorts, like you have a wobbly wheel or like things around you are just not lining up. Mentally you may feel overwhelmed, can't think straight, or just can't get your head around things. Spiritually you may feel that the universe is working against you or your prayers are not being answered.

So what causes these imbalances, and how do you get your balance back?

Your body is essentially made of water and energy that vibrates at certain frequencies. Your body has several energy centres known as Chakras, which are assigned to certain areas of the body. Everything in life has its own frequency, and depending on what is happening outside and inside of you, these frequencies can be interrupted and put off balance, which in turn creates disharmony and imbalances within our bodies systems, and when left unchecked can manifest into illness and dis-ease.

By bringing our energy centres (Chakras) back into balance, we bring our whole being back into a harmonious frequency, which in turn triggers our bodies innate healing abilities to heal what needs healing. This also helps to eliminate the stress and overwhelm, bringing a sense of calm that helps us to be present in the here and now, aiding better decisions, and an overall sense of wellness.

Through the gentle practice of Energy Healing therapy (including Reiki, Quantum-Touch and Dowsing) I can help re-align your bodies energy centres, release stress and anxiety, and trigger your own inner healing responses, bringing balance to your body!