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Increase your intuition – Linking your gut and heart to your brain.

Increase your intuition – Linking your gut and heart to your brain.


Cat Edwards - Clairvoyant Medium


The heart, a muscular pump for the circulatory system, the first organ to be formed during gestation and the gateway to your spiritual enlightenment and intuitive life experiences.It is an amazing truth that the heart holds within it 40 000 neurons, compared to the brain, (which holds 100 billion), that’s not so many, but in the case of the heart, we really need to be thinking about quality over quantity. 


I like to think of my heart as my inner spirit guide.It works with me as a regulator of my mindset and it gives me information that is based in feeling, rather than in logic or reason. When I tune into my heart, I can feel warnings and I have a sense of knowing come over me and at times, I can really feel the way it interacts with my brain.The last time this happened I had what I can only describe as a rose-coloured feeling come across my senses.When I followed this knowing, things went really well for me.The times I have not followed it, I have regretted my decision.

The gut is known in the Nutritionist world as the ‘second brain’ of the body.It has some 500 million neurons and also communicates with the brain via the vagus nerve.Ever had a gut feeling?Yeh, that’s your tummy talking to you and it’s not discussing lunch.“All of this is really interesting, but how does it help my intuition grow?” – I hear you say…well that is in the way that you practice your meditations.

By being aware of the physical aspect, we can be certain of the energetics and the functions of our spiritual practice- as above, so below.During your meditation, focus on your central nervous system, you can rub your tummy clockwise to help it to feel settled and bring your focus up to your heart.Place your hand on your heart and think about appreciation, gratitude and joy and child-like wonder…by being in this space, you release your heart from any mindset of restriction.Now bring your focus up into your third eye and anchor the gut, heart and mind energies together.You can imagine a pulse of golden/white light (electricity is golden/white – we know this from seeing lightning) shooting up your inner spine, through your gut and heart and into the centre of your brain.Soon your third eye will be filled with golden light.Now take your mind into your gut and just feel it, know it and set a ‘sense of it’ into yourself.Do the same with your heart and your brain.Lastly, let yourself follow the good feeling you get from your heart or your gut, let your brain run through the consequences and probable events, but don’t let it overtake with any kind of fear talk.See how it all comes together.

Your gut-heart-brain is a triple brain marvel, I hope you have a great time utilising it.

Cat Edwards is a Clairvoyant/Medium & Spiritual Teacher & she has a Dip. Life Coach & Dip Nutrition.She offers Spiritual Guidance Sessions on the first Saturday of every month at The Healthy Guru.