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Super Foods to Fight Allergies

Super Foods to FIGHT Allergies 

Now that allergy season is in full swing- all those allergic type symptoms are coming back in full force. Allergy season means more environmental allergens like pollens, grasses, animal fur, wind and weather changes are around to increase hay fever and sinus symptoms. 

Here are some TOP super foods to help boost your immune system and fight off allergies today!



1. Hab Shifa Organic Black Seeds:

These little black seeds are a powerhouse full of nutrients. They are rich in anti-inflammatory compounds as well as vitamin C to support immune function. They also work to reduce histamine (which is what drives the allergic response) in the body and therefore lower allergy symptoms.

2. Barnes Naturals Manuka Honey:

Manuka honey is a powerful anti-bacterial and rich in immune boosting properties. A teaspoon a day keeps the doctor away! 

3. Healing Concepts Eyebright Tea:

Eyebright is a wonderful herb and fantastic at reducing sinus and eye irritation from pesky pollutants. It is also great at reducing hay fever symptoms. You can brew this up in a tea by adding a 1 teaspoon to a cup of hot water and letting sit for 10 mins before drinking. 

4. Melrose Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil:

Did you know that olive oil is a natural anti-histamine? Just 2 tablespoons a day can help reduce histamine load in the body reducing those pesky symptoms of hayfever, sinusitis, itchy eyes and hives! 

5. Pure foods Essentials Turmeric Powder:

Turmeric is a golden superfood powder which is a powerful anti-inflammatory. It can help break up mucus, relive lung and sinus inflammation and supports liver health to clear out environmental toxins. You can sprinkle turmeric over your food or even make a yummy warm drink. 


Written by Clinical Nutritionist Meg. If you would like more support on how to reduce allergies and improving your immune system you can book in with Meg here.