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Touch for Health Balancing - Emily Bundesen

Touch For Health is the foundational training of many Kinesiology modalities. It is a natural health system that utilizes acupressure and massage to improve postural balance, and reduce physical and mental pain and tension. It is an approach to restoring natural energies that combines ancient Chinese energy therapies with recent Western developments in kinesiology.
If you have ever wanted to experience Kinesiology, book yourself in for a 45min Touch For Health Muscle Balance Today!!
The Touch For Health 14 Muscle Balance addresses all of your major Chinese energy meridians and uses acupressure and massage/stimulation to return balance and flow to your whole system. This balance can be done as a one off, as you are today balance or for a specific condition or traumatic event to remove blockages that are preventing your body from healing mentally and/or physically. It is a valuable technique through which thousands have experienced subtle and profound healing.
Book Today and begin your healing journey!!
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