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Who Are The Guru's?

The Healthy Guru is an environment of wellness products, therapies, and technique. Owners Craig and Leanda’s see these as the essential ingredients for those who wish to take responsibility for nourishing their body, mind and soul.

They offer naturopath consultations, pain relief, crystals and jewellery, reflexology, detox programs, psychic readings, bowen therapy, reflexology, reiki, hypnotherapy and lots more.

Craig and Leanda’s passion is to share the knowledge of a happy and healthy lifestyle. Living on the coast for the past five years, the couple have worked strongly on their individual journey through yoga, meditation and healthy eating.

“It is important to have a balance,” says Craig, “we enjoy every day by having gratitude for the things we have, not for the things we don’t.”

Leanda’s 12 years background in nutrition, yoga and massage has bought her to her passion of teaching. She looks forward to presenting the education to help those with different needs. She works by delivering an individual approach to symptoms that present from allergies, anxiety, phobias, diabetes, sleep problems and more.

Leanda will be teaching regular yoga classes in the area and they both look forward to presenting the community with The Healthy Guru.