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Winter Immunity with Melanie Larsen

Immunity and Body Movement


Immunity is something we are all looking to boost a bit at this time of year. There is some great evidence to show that the Lymphatic System can be positively influenced to through body movement and in turn provide positive influence on the Immune system.

So what is the Lymphatic System? The Lymphatic System within the body is responsible for eliminating the waste products from our cells. These waste products are stored within our tissue and these waste products are transported via the bloodstream for elimination. So quite often when we have a build up of waste products in our system from poor lifestyle choices the body can present with inflammation and disease.

Some great ways to positively influence your immunity over winter include:

Maintain Regular Exercise. Yes walking is enough! Other great forms of exercise I love to recommend especially if mobility is an issue are yoga, swimming, deep water running, aqua aerobics. I love getting into a heated pool in winter!

Make sure you still see the sunshine. Shorter hours of light can make this hard for those working indoors but perhaps you can eat breakfast or lunch outside?

Meditation/Breath exercises will keep your lungs and airways oxygenated.

Maintain an ideal amount of sleep at night allowing your internal organs the time needed to complete their jobs of the elimination process. (kidneys and liver)

Spoil yourself with some Bowen Therapy- a great way to kick start the Lymphatic System

Dry Skin Brushing

As you can see the Lymphatic System is just one of the many systems within our bodies that work to keep us functioning at our best. Bowen Therapy encourages the body to create the perfect environment to heal itself by balancing these systems creating the perfect environment for balance to occur. Bowen moves also encourage new fresh blood to flow to muscles and areas of the body where fresh nutrients are needed for ideal functioning.

Melanie Larsen