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Zazen Alkaline Mineral Water System

Now stocking Zazen Alkaline Mineral Water Systems.

Our price $450 and this includes while stocks last the Alkalinity & Anti-Oxidant Enhancer valued at $39.95.

This amazing system replicates Mother Nature's natural water filtration and remineralisation process. It transforms your drinking water into refreshing, alkaline mineral water that tastes great and hydrates you at a cellular level. Just like natural spring water.

It has been designed by zazen, in collaboration with leading Japanese and Korean water scientists, who discovered that the health and longevity secret of the world's oldest and healthiest people lay in the quality of the water they drank and bathed in every day!

The zazen Water System is designed specifically for australian and New Zealand water supplies.

Did you know that Adults are 75% WATER Children even higher! Children lose 8 cups of water per day, adults up to 12 cups. So water is vital for us to live and drinking the right water even more important.

The right water is:

  • Clean with toxins, contaminants & chemicals filtered out
  • Balanced with a rang of alkaline minerals to aid absorption by the body
  • Structured with water clusters small enough for absorption at a cellular level

The benifits are:

  • Supports a more alkaline less acidic body
  • Helps to eliminate toxins & acidic waste
  • Improves absorption & use of nutrients
  • Increases cellular energy flow & vitality
  • Helps to boost immune function
  • Improves performance & focus
  • Supports better quality sleep
  • Reduces fatigue & headaches

Come in-store and taste the difference!!