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BioCompatible Hair Testing

BioCompatible Hair Testing

Here’s how our hair analysis and Bio-Compatibility programme works

Firstly it’s important to note that our hair analysis test is VERY different from common hair mineral analysis testing and skin prick blood testing.

Bio-Compatibility hair testing is a 30 year old company involved in extensive research into perfecting electronic equipment that enables to test a person’s hair, clearly giving a breakdown of Compatibility with food and household products. The analysis can determine what food type and products to avoid and highlights the underlying sensitivities in our system.

A look at the technology behind Bio-Compatibility testing

The technique is based on the way in which the foods and products we use affect the flow of energy through the body. If the energy systems within the body are compromised in any way by a food/product that is biologically incompatible, the cells cannot function optimally. This may lead to an immune response, inflammation, and ultimately reactive symptoms.

Using hair samples, Bio-Compatibility testing identifies the influence (either positive or negative) that each of a wide range of foods and products has on the delivery and storage systems in each cell. In this way, we are then able to determine which foods and products should be avoided and which should be consumed/used.

This test is not an allergy test but a food sensitivity test. Knowing the foods which are causing a reaction and removing them from the diet can considerably reduce allergic reactions

No Blood required, just a small sample of hair.

Results in 7 days or under.

Bio – Compatibility Tests over 500+ Foods and Household items.

With your Results includes a full Naturopathic consultation.

Health rebates available.

Our price ONLY $245.00

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