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Clinical Nutritional Medicine

Appointments available: Tuesdays 9am-4pm

What is Clinical Nutritional Medicine?

Clinical Nutritional Medicine focuses on all aspects of your diet, lifestyle, exercise, potential stressors and your environment to assess how these factors may be impacting a particular health concern or condition. It is a holistic therapy, aiming to find and treat the root cause of a particular health condition, rather than just symptom relief. Clinical Nutritional Medicine combines in-depth knowledge of food & nutrients alongside the biochemical and physiological pathways of your body to improve health, wellness and overall vitality. 


During a Clinical Nutritional Medicine consultation, you can expect: 

- In-depth analysis of your health

- Full evaluation of your diet 

- Review of medical history, supplements & lifestyle

- An individualised nutritional medicine treatment plan 

- Recommendation & prescription for practitioner grade supplements (if necessary) 

- Referral to function pathology to assess further underlying issues (if necessary)


Meet our Clinical Nutritionist