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Natural Therapies

  • Naturopathy 
  • Nutrition 
  • Kinesiology 
  • Iridology 
  • Food & Mineral Testing 
  • Bowen Therapy 
  • Massage 
    • Relaxation
    • Lymphatic Drainage
    • Reflexology
  • Ayurvedic Therapies 


Natural Therapies

The iris reveals body constitution, inherent weakness, level of health and the transitions that take place in your body according to the way you live. Iridology is the science of analysing the delicate structures of the iris of your eyes. 
Iridology is the science and practice that reveals any inflammation, where it is located and in what stage it is manifesting. 

Ear Candling 
A fantastic way to reduce the pressure and build up in and around your ears, nose and face. Used to help treat the symptoms of sinusitis, meridian point therapy to improve circulation, headaches, allergies, earaches, vertigo, also a great way to clear the mind. 

Flower Essences 
Discover the real you. Release those unwanted thought patterns. Be free of phobias, say no to negativity in your life. With no contraindications, fast working and safe for all ages. Flower remedies will help you to connect to your true desires and ambitions.  


Nutrition and Life Coach Consultations

Looking for vitality, energy and a healthier body inside and out??? 
Working with all that life presents.

Weight management, phobias, depression, anxiety, and allergies, sleep disorders, time management. And more......... 
This is a consultation that will work with your own personal desires. To uplift and coordinate with your lifestyle. The tools are given to you to embrace life through diet exercise and a positive outlook. Become happy healthy & harmonious.


Lifestyle Programs 

Looking For Motivation? Wanting Direction For A Positive And Healthy Lifestyle. 

This is a program consisting of full nutrition plan, life coach and counseling sessions, massage and relaxation treatments, exercise and yoga programs. You will be given the tools and full support to become happier and healthier within.