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Denese Brookes

Denese has always had a passion for alternative health care and nutrition. Since taking over ownership of The Healthy Guru in 2018, she has continued her enthusiasm for healthy and holistic living.


No stranger to business ownership, Denese has almost 20 years of experience building up her family-owned commercial manufacturing business. When the opportunity to focus her energy into a local business aligned with own personal passion arose, it resonated with her.

Denese now utilises her skills in business management and accounting to further her passion for health, providing locals with access to personal advice and alternative health products and services to help seek a healthier lifestyle. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge and lived experience of holistic living with the local community; helping people understand the benefits has been a key driver for her as a business owner. Denese strives to make healthy food accessible and affordable to everyone.

Denese says “Here at The Healthy Guru we want everyone to be empowered to live a healthy, sustainable life and are here to support you on your journey.”